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Films and trailers (where film is not available as open source) of films screened by Kriti Film Club since 1999. Enjoy!

Birth 1871 (Trailer)

   Birth 1871, the film explores processes of ‘criminalization' in the context of the Denotified Tribes of India, and how they combat social stigma through Theatre arts. The experiences of enforced state rehabilitation, ‘settlement', and community assertion in two transitional periods (1946-1953 & 1978-2000s) also come under the ambit of the documentary.

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 Choli Ke Peeche a.k.a. Gangor (Trailer)

Gangor is an Indo-Italian project, which is based on the poignant short story 'Choli Ke Peeche' by Magsasay Award and Padma Vibushan Award winning writer Mahasweta Devi. It was screened at Cannes in 2011. The film unravels with migrant labourer Gangor's statuesque breasts that excite the attention of ace photographer Upin Puri, and become the objects of obsession and oppression triggering off a train of violence that ends in tragedy.

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 TAAN BEKRO (HINDI) Film by Saumya Sharma

An ethnographic film based on the livelihood, cultural heritage and struggles of the nomadic Jogi Tribe of Rajasthan. A poetic journey of the rendezvous with the tribe commonly known as the Saperas (Snake Charmers) or Kalbeliyas, in a quest to discover their cultural existence & lifestyle. The film encompasses the vast and beautiful Indian desert into the various ethnic harmonies.This documentary attempts to showcase the problematic isolated lifestyle of this tribe struggling for their existence & social recognition...

Main Crew - Script, Direction & Production : Saumya Sharma; Camera : Sonu Kumar; Editing : Swabha Pal; Sound Recording & Designing : Surya Samaddar


Keshav Lal has worked with legendary composers such as Laxmikant Pyarelal and makers like V. Shantaram . Fate bought him to streets of Pune where he lived with his wife and together they played music to sustain their livelihood.
The story is about the power of hope and optimism; one of the biggest assets of human life. It also portray the strong bond between husband and wife which remains unscathed even in the most adverse situation.

SONG OF THE OTHER FIREFLY (ENGLISH/HINDI) Film by Abhijeet Bhatt (Director), Abhishek Dutta (Director), Meghna Talwar (Director), Nagma Sahi Ansari (Director), Umang Sabarwal (Director)

This film traces the travels of Jugni, a feminine spirit often found in Punjabi folk music and Sufism. Jugni is timeless and does not succumb to one identity or talk a tangible for. The film attempts to capture the transitory nature of Jugni vis-à-vis the changing nature of our times.