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Please find here a selection of films to watch to mark World Environment Day on 5th June. 

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EcoReels @13th EcoFestival by Kriti team
(5th-13th June 2021)

Child-friendly Films

MAGICAL FOREST (Hindi/ 2019/ 34mins) Filmmakers: SPS Community Media
Experiencing the enchanting life in the forest through the children and then there’s the stark reality of forest fire.

GLOBAL WARMING - A FABLE FROM THE HIMALAYAS (Eng/ 2007/ 8mins) Filmmaker: Nitin Das. 
Shot near Tibet, a magical tale about a young boy close who finds the solution to Global Warming from a monk in the mountains. It aims at spreading awareness as to how Global warming is impacting the fragile ecosystems.

SAVING MR GREEN (Hindi/ 2018/ 22:30mins) Filmmakers: Shivani Monga and Ankush Gupta 
When little Piyali finds out that her best friend, the tree outside her window, is going to be cut down for car parking space, she decides to do whatever she can to save him. But will she be able to convince her neighbours to save the tree? 

THE JUNGLE GANG MEETS THE RHINO (Eng/ 2010/ 16mins) Filmmaker: Krishendu Bose
The first wildlife Indian film made exclusively for children, aims to expose our younger audience to the diverse wild flora and fauna of India and encourage them to actively participate in wildlife conservation. The film has three animated wild animal characters who travel together to the Kaziranga National Park to know more about the Great Indian Rhinoceros, its habitat, threats and the conservation efforts which have saved it from extinction.

MANGER BANI (Hindi with Eng. subtitles/ 7.04mins) by Srishti Films 
Manger Bani is a forested area nestled in the Aravalli hill range in Haryana, near Delhi. The Manger Bani Eco club works towards raising awareness amongst children about the forest and its rich biodiversity. 

On Forests

INDIA’S HEALING FORESTS (Eng/ 2018/ 50mins) Filmmaker: Nitin Das
All our knowledge comes from nature and yet nature is a source of many mysteries. In this film, let us travel across some fascinating forests of India to explore the amazing ways in which nature affects our body, mind and spirit.

THREE CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF A FOREST (Eng/ 2014 / 38mins) Filmmaker: Krishnendu Bose
A story of Delhi's Ridge forest and it's struggle for survival,shared through the lives of three characters - Pradip Krishen, Ravi Agarwal and Ranjit Lal

Displacement and Environment Loss

A DAM OLD STORY (Hindi/ 2011/ 26mins) Filmmaker: Tarini Manchanda 
4711 big dams are built and 390 are under construction in growing India, while more than 40 million people have been displaced by such development. 
This film tells a story through conversations with people in 
Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh
, and explores the politics of dam construction. 

WORDS ON WATER (Hindi with English subtitles/ 2002/ 84mins) Filmmaker: Sanjay Kak
"Shasan valo, sun lo aaj - Hamare gaon mein hamaara raaj" (Listen to us, you who rule - our villages, we control). The story of this journey of defiance through the Narmada valley. For more than 15 years, people of the valley have resisted a series of massive dams on their river, and in their struggle have exposed the deceptive heart of India's development politics. The struggle has forged unusual alliances. Adivasis in the hills, farmers from the Nimad plain, sand-quarriers and fishermen on the river, and middle-class activists.

HO GAYI HAI PIR PARVAT SI / The Mountains Agonized (111 minutes/Hindi, English (with English subtitles)/ 2019) Filmmaker: Subrat Kumar Sahu
This is a documentary film on the impacts of hydropower development in the Satluj Valley.

Climate Change and Community Solutions 

AAROHAN: A CLIMATE CHANGE STORY by The Hunger Project and the the Environmental Defense Fund
A film that delivers a powerful message of hope by showing that many solutions to climate change are local and low technology.

GHARAT (Eng./ 2015/ 41mins) Filmmaker: Pankaj Rishi Kumar  
A film on the traditional gharat (watermills) of Garhwal and how the process of tapping low-cost energy helps achieve a sustainable economy.