MOVING MOUNTAINS / women and solidarities

MOVING MOUNTAINS / women and solidarities

This edition of the Rising Gardens Film Festival was online from 11am (IST), 16 April upto 11pm (IST), 19 April 2021

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Aikya (Unity) / Anjali Khosla / India / 2019 / documentary / 05:20
Over the years, the women of Pachgaon have earned sustainable livelihoods from their forests. They exercise an important role both in the protection of this natural resource and in local village governance.

AƱay Kachi (Thank you Salt): The Salt Workers of thePeruvian Andes
/ Cristobal Ruiz, Thomas Silcock, Toto Thots / Canada / documentary / 12:51
Through the eyes of Laurita, a 65-year-old indigenous salt worker in the Peruvian Andes, we learn how the indigenous people now proudly own and operate their salt business.

Bamboo Ballads / Sajeed Naduthody / India / 2020 / documentary / 29:49
NainaFebin, a school student, uses music to cover the philosophy, myth and heritage of her favourite plant. She plants bamboo saplings; is writing a book on bamboo and has formed a music band that uses instruments made only of bamboo.

Coral Woman / Priya Thuvassery / India / 2019 / documentary / 52:00
Born in a traditional family, and inspired by the beauty of the corals, Uma learnt how to swim, dive and paint in her 50s. Since then, she has been trying to bring attention to an alarming environmental crisis in the underwater world through her paintings.

Narmada: A Valley Rises / Ali Kazimi / Canada / 1994 / documentary / 87:00
A compelling and intimate portrait of a unique movement, the Narmada Bachao Andolan, while raising critical and universal issues of human-rights, social justice, and development within a democracy.

Raasaleela / Sahara Sharma / Nepal /
2018 / short fiction / 12:47
Based on a real incident, this film tells the story of Radha, a conservationist, who devises an ingenuous plan to save a rhino her village is determined to capture.

Saving Mr. Green / Shivani Monga, Ankush Gupta / India / 2018 / short fiction / 22:30 
When little Piyali finds out that her best friend, the tree outside her window, is going to be cut down for car parking space, she decides to do whatever she can to save him. But will she be able to convince her neighbours to save the tree? 

The Jujurana’s Kingdom / Munmun Dhalaria / India / 2019 / documentary / 09:29
What does it take to protect a vulnerable pheasant species at a time when India is rapidly losing its biodiversity?

Thengapalli / Vandana Menon, Vivek Sangwan, Debashish Nandi / India / 2020 / 
documentary / 08:46 
Harassed by the timber mafia for decades, the women in a village decide to take matters into their own hands to save their forests.

Two Steps Forward / Gulnar Tabassum / Pakistan / 2010 / documentary / 27:00 
A forced imposition of a contract system on military farms in Pakistani Punjab effectively denied the peasants their inheritance rights acquired by virtue of having tilled the lands for decades. A peasant movement started in 2000, with women as the frontline fighters eventually forcing the military to step back.

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