Community and Sustenance / women, food and livelihood

COMMUNITY AND SUSTENANCE / women, food and livelihood
10 films / 5 countries 

The March edition of the Rising Gardens Film Festival is now over. The films were available to watch from 12th-15 March 2021. We are sorry if you missed watching them here! Look out for the April edition coming up soon!

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21 Hours / Sunitha CV / India / 2020 / documentary / 28:00

Rajamma, a woman fish vendor in Trivandrum, Kerala, travels 200 km daily to Thoothukudy harbour to procure fish and sell it back in her hometown. The film highlights the struggle and strength of unorganised working women, who survive because of sheer grit, in spite of overwhelming odds.

: Goddess of Food / Paromita Vohra, T. Jayashree / India / 1994 / documentary / 25:00

The creation, development and range of activities of the Annapurna Mahila Mandal in Mumbai, a cooperative organization that started with women known as khanawali (food women), who earn a living cooking for workers.

Bare Trees in the Mist / Rajan Kathet / Nepal / 2019 / short fiction / 15:00
A young mother (Kaali) and her son hear that a villager who has returned from abroad has brought them gifts. A combination of poverty, desperation and hope eventually makes her walk miles to greet him.

Come over for a drink, Kanchhi / Sikuma Rai / Nepal / 2020 / documentary / 25:50
An empathetic portrayal of a community of farmers and brewers, where the untold stories, the sorrows, and the loneliness of the women protagonists have led to a high degree of alcoholism.

I Cannot Give You My Forest / Nandan Saxena, Kavita Bahl / India / 2015 / documentary / 45:00
Kondh adivasis from Rayagada in Orissa powerfully demonstrate their symbiotic relationship with the forest, which is a rich source of sustenance for them.

Mhari Topli Ma Basta / Akash Basumatari / India / documentary / 08:09
Mhari Topli Ma Phang / Akash Basumatari / India / documentary / 12:17

These two films are part of a series on traditional food and cuisine in the tribal villages of Narmada Valley. Phang (midnapore creeper) and Basta (tender bamboo shoots) are a rich source of nutrition and wellbeing but are soon disappearing due to changes in attitude and lifestyle.

Soufra / Thomas Morgan / USA / 2018 / documentary / 73:00
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This is the inspirational story of social entrepreneur, Mariam Shaar, who has spent her entire life in a refugee camp near Beirut. In the process of setting up a successful catering company, she breaks barriers and pulls together Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian and Lebanese women to work side by side.

The Merry Widows of Nam Mun Village / Kyi Phyu Shin/ Myanmar / 2007 / 22:22

This film captures the dynamic widows of Nam Mun village in Kachin State as an NGO’s Participatory Action Research programme enables them to spearhead projects – from pig rearing to rice banks and savings and loans – that are transforming lives from abject poverty into economic viability.

Tobacco Memories / Manca Filak / Bulgaria / 2020 / documentary / 31:00
This ethnographic film follows Fatme and her family in the village of Debren, Bulgaria, and shows the spatial and material dimensions of tobacco production, and the family’s relationship to the slowly disappearing lifestyle.