1. Live Video Documentation

Documentation on video is as important as documentation in paper. Video documentation not only acts as an archive of the activity but can also be used for education & training, fund raising, public relations and in many other ways.

DocuLive offers 'live video documentation' of events, workshops as well as film making.

Filming the filmmaker
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2. Illustrations

Modern documentary film makers uses illustrations to convey serious messages in a fun way with an intention to make a positive impact on its viewers.

DocuLive team offers illustrations for films.

An example of illustration in a documentary film
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3. Film Screenings and Film Distribution

DocuLive can be called upon to fix film screening for organisations, communities, educational institutes or simply among a group of individuals. We have a catalog of over a thousand documentaries and socially relevant films.

DocuLive facilitates meaningful discussion important for the audience.

In-house film screening on Children's Day

4. Film Festival Curation

With a combined film viewing and screening experience of more than 30 years and 1000+ documentary and socially relevant films, DocuLive team is your first choice of curators for your documentary film festival.

Film festival in progress
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5. Language and Communication

DocuLive's inter cultural resources team and group of volunteers offers regional language translation for film makers.

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6. Film Making

DocuLive's rich network of filmmakers and producers are willing to take up film projects. We also encourage filmmakers to reach out to us for support.

See our productions page for some short films we have produced. Some of our films are internationally recognised.

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Reach out to us at:
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