'DocuLive' is an initiative by 'Kriti Team' volunteers, to promote documentary films and its appreciation as an art form. It has been seen that discussions after a documentary film screening tend to revolve around the issues addressed in the film, which is one of the main motives of screening but not the primary one. The primary motive of discussion is and should be film appreciation and how well the film and film maker have captured the essence of reality of issues in our society. Without appreciating the film and only focusing on the issues, any documentary film discussion is incomplete and is most probably bound to end in an argument, a situation where the purpose of art is defeated at all levels. 

DocuLive is an attempt to take documentary films to more and more people across the globe while allowing audiences to understand, compliment and critic the art of film making. 

DocuLive believes that each individual has story(ies) to tell which has a potential to impact one or many peoples' lives. 

DocuLive provides space for young and veteran film makers to screen their films and build an audience of their own. 

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