(20:35 mins/ Hindi, Urdu with English subtitles/ 2019/ India)
by Shazia Iqbal

Available From: 28th November, 10:30 AM
Until: 3 December, 10:30 AM

Password: fatin2020

About the Film: Unable to rely on her cash-strapped family to further her education, Fatin, an ambitious Architecture student seeks out a scholarship from a conservative Muslim Trust. When she discovers that the money comes with strings attached, her liberal values will be put to test.

Festivals & Awards

  • Mumbai International Film Festival, 2020 – BEST SHORT FICTION & BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY
  • Filmfare Award, 2020 – Best Short Fiction and Best Actor (Female)
  • 20th Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, 2019 - AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD
  • Chicago South Asian Film Festival, 2019 – BEST SHORT FICTION
  • New York Indian Film festival, 2019 – Best Short (Narrative)
  • The NEW WAVE, Film Independent, Los Angeles 2019 – Special Screening

About the Filmmaker: Shazia Iqbal is a filmmaker based in Mumbai. Her debut short film, Bebaak won her the Best Debut Director, International and Audience Choice award at the 30th Sao Paulo International Shorts Film festival. It has won fifteen International awards and two State awards - Best Short fiction at MIFF, 2020 and Jury Special Mention at IDSFFK, 2019. Bebaak was selected in the Viewing room at Film Bazaar, 2019.

Her feature script, Blood Circle was selected for Global Media Makers, 2019 – Film Independent’s Residency lab in Los Angeles. Shazia is the Production designer for International Emmy nominated - India’s first original Netflix series, Sacred Games and mini-series, Lust Stories. She is represented by United Talent Agency, LA.



(09:26 mins/ Tamil with English subtitles/ 2015/ Sri Lanka)
by Anantha Ramanan 

Available From: 28th November, 10:30 AM
Until: 3 December, 10:30 AM

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Password: showtime1234

About the Film: Promoting bi-lingualism in Sri Lanka is necessary to break the language barrier in its society and to build a sense of equality, mutual understanding, and social integration across different communities. When different groups, Sinahalese, Tamil, Muslim and a Hindi speaker communicate as shown in the film, their shared communication allow them to understand each other better and encourage cooperation at many levels.

Festivals and Awards

  • Several film festivals in Sri Lanka, 2019
  • Mumbai International Documentary and Short Film Festival, 2018
  • Best Short film and Best Director award - IBC Tamil Short film Festival 
  • Best jury award - Agenda 14 Film Festival, 2016
  • Regal award = Best short film, IFFC Colombo

About the Filmmaker: Anantha Ramanan was born in Mannar and lives in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. Due to the civil war, he became displaced very often, and had to study at six different schools and stopped schooling at the age of 15. He grew up in “Vanni”, North of Sri Lanka and shared the experiences of the suffering.

Anantha entered the field of performing arts as a student dramatist and gradually flourished as a film-maker. He has been making short films since 2008 to voice the needs of the affected. 


(52 mins/ Bengali, English/ 2017/ India)
by Debalina
Produced by Sappho for Equality

Available From: 28 November, 10:30 AM 
Until: 30 November, 10:30 PM

Password: Kriti_20

About the Film: 2011: In a small village of West Bengal - Swapna and Shucheta - two young women in love with each other - took their own lives. No one from their families came to claim their dead bodies. They remain unclaimed...What if they were not dead but alive today? What if they had decided otherwise? ‘If You Dare Desire…’, is a film of possibilities… within this hetero-patriarchal world, the women resist with their bodies, with their hearts, their love and desires. Dare to dream, and desire!

Festivals and Awards

  • The International Association of Women in Radio & Television (IAWRT) Asian Women's Film Festival, New Delhi, India, 2018
  • 5thMIX Copenhagen | LesbianGayBiTrans Film Festival, Denmark, 2017
  • Queer Asia Film Festival , London, UK, 2017
  • Ebang bewarish - Jury Special Mention in the Documentary section of SiGNS2014, organized by the Federation of Film Societies of India, Kerala. 
  • If You Dare Desire – Diversity award for best feature film at the 18th Barcelona International LGTIB Film Festival, Spain, (2018), and Best Film, Gender at the 6th Woodpecker International Film Festival, New Delhi (2018). 

About the Filmmaker: Debalina is a filmmaker, writer, producer and cinematographer based in India. She studied Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University. Her repertoire includes feature-length documentaries, short films, travelogues, music videos, telefilms, and experimental films. She is passionate about environmental issues, gender, sexuality, and minority politics. Debalina occasionally writes for local newspapers and magazines. Her short film about mud football in Kolkata, Sar..r..ra/Joy Run was included in the FIFA 2006 World Cup compilation of films. In 2011, Debalina's film, "... ebangbewarish"/...and the Unclaimed, questioned social taboos against same-sex relationships. In 2019, her documentary film, Gay India Matrimony, politicised humor in representing the ambivalence of gay marriage across queer communities in post-377 India. Debalina’s latest documentary film Citizen Nagaris is in the post-production phase. Her films have been used as educational and advocacy material across South Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.



(20 mins/ Hindi with English subtitles/ 2018/ India)

by Mitali Trivedi and Gagandeep Singh

Produced by PSBT

Available From: 28th November, 10:30 AM
Until: 3 December, 10:30 AM

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Password: showtime1234

About the Film: Delhi meets at the metro. Passengers board from different places but for a brief moment in time they are all headed in the same direction. We share one such ride with our co-traveller Anshuman, a transman. His is the story of reclaiming public space and one’s own self. The doors will open on the quest. 

About the Filmmakers: Mitali Trivedi has a Masters in Gender Studies from Ambedkar University, Delhi, and is a research scholar at the Department of Sociology, University of Delhi. She is involved in theatre and has been working with Abhigyan Natya Association - a theatre organisation for over half a decade. 

Gagandeep Singh is a lawyer and theatre practitioner. He is deeply interested in the historical evolution of laws and holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Law.



(90 mins/ Sinhalese with English subtitles/2013/ Sri Lanka)
by Visakesa Chandrasekaram

Available From: 28th November, 10:30 AM
Until: 3 December, 10:30 AM

Password: showtime1234

About the Film: This is a feature film that presents a story of two young men and a woman entangled in a lustful love triangle tabooed in their remote but rapidly changing village. The movie is set in Sri Lanka, an island governed by old colonial laws that permit imprisonment of gay and lesbian people.

About the Filmmaker: Visakesa Chandrasekaram (Vissa) is a human rights lawyer, community law practitioner and an independent artist practising in Sri Lanka and Australia. Vissa won the prestigious Gratiean Prize and the National Literary Prize for the English and Singhalese versions of his debut play, Thahanam Adaviya (Forbidden Area). He wrote and directed many plays including the first Sri Lankan gay play, Katu Yahana, which was banded by the Sri Lanka’s Censorship Board. He has also published his debut novel, Tigers Don’t Confess. Frangipani is his debut feature length movie. Vissa currently works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Colombo University.