Raahi - Zindagi Rozana/ Films by Ankur Talkies

Kriti Film Club screened these films first in March 2018 
Young women from working class settlements face challenges of different hues both in their immediate contexts and the city. Yet they are venturing into the city, by circumstances or choice, to take up livelihood opportunities that the fast-changing economy of the city is throwing up.  As they move away from domestic labor and piece-rate work, the city begins to open up for them. Traversing this journey they learn new things, engage with technology, discover resources, create networks, take risks and imagine their future course. While they strive to create a better future for themselves and their families, they also open up paths for their peers in their communities. Though such young women are visible in the different pockets and settings of the city yet, their experiences and articulations are missing from everyday discussion as well as public discourse.
Raahi - Zindagi Rozana films offer a glimpse into the everyday lives of these young travelers of the city. 
These films have been made by young women from Ankur collectives in five different working class settlements of Delhi. https://www.facebook.com/ankur.Society4AlternativesInEducation/ 
Over a period of six months with training and mentoring by Samina Mishra, that included both research and film making, they interviewed the young working women, wrote scripts, made audio visual recordings and learnt about editing. The films were made using mobile phones that they gathered from their families and friends. The purpose was to create an opportunity for young women to engage with technology, explore cinema as a medium of expression and most importantly learn from their peers about entering the world of work and possible avenues for future.
The Ankur young women’s collective provides young women contexts to strengthen peer networks, engage in creative practice and explore alternatives for future. This space builds a culture of sharing and listening that in turn generates critical and empathic accounts of the self and contexts, in the process building self-respect, dignity, articulation and assertiveness. 




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