KRITI FILM CLUB recommendations: Daily watch during Lockdown 2020

The wind was blowing differently for a few days, the streets were getting emptier, the police was making its rounds and telling people to go back home. There was a lot of noise around…a virus was spreading and coming close home…many countries had started to go into lockdown…my city and yours too was facing restrictions to stay at home! A silence was becoming real but the noise within was still very loud…fear, anxiety, stress was taking over. The morning of 21st March 2020, I thought “why not share some films that calm, entertain, connect and distract people while they begin to stay home.” The first post with a Kriti Film Club recommendation got written thus...
Kriti Film Club is an independent documentary screening initiative by the non-profit organisation, Kriti: a development praxis and communication team, New Delhi and Mumbai
As the days went by and the working classes began their walk home, displaced from their means of livelihood and homes, as a communal virus started to become headlines, the economic crisis looming large, and #stayhome #staysafe #wfh became life, the Kriti Film Club lockdown journey came alive online!
Tanushree Angrish (a Kriti team volunteer of 10 years) offered to help this independent effort amidst #wfh and domestic chores each day, and here we are…sharing the film resources from 20 years of screenings and more…The posts are shared through whats app, the kriti team facebook page and kriti film club instagram and twitter handles every day. We hope you are watching and if not, get hooked today!
Starting 21st March 2020, the Kriti Film Club began to recommend documentary films to give “our minds and hearts a change in these entertain, to calm, to think and feel, to act, connect and share…”
Day 1 (21 March.2020): This one to give you calm...

Day 2 (22 March.2020): These two films to connect you to the forests! (50 mins) and (5 mins)

Day 3 (23 March.2020): This one to connect us across divides! HAD ANHAD by Shabnam Virmani
Day 4 (24 March 2020): This one to walk with Kabir! KABIRA KHADA BAZAAR Mein by Shabnam Virmani
Day 5 (25 March 2020): This one to follow the Kabir path! CHALO HUMARA DES by Shabnam Virmani (Hindi)
Day 6 (26th March 2020): This one to think secular! AJAB SHAHER: KABIR IN AMERICA
Day 7 (27th March 2020): This one on the occasion of World Theatre Day! ARNA'S CHILDREN by Juliano Mer Khamis and Danniel
Day 8 (28 March 2020): This one to celebrate women’s labour! Dance with Hands Held Tight by Krishnendu Bose and Kavita Dasgupta
Day 9 (29 March 2020): This one to mark the World Water Day week! THE MIRACLE WATER VILLAGE by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh
Day 10 (30 March 2020): This one in nostalgia! ONE SHOW LESS by Nayantara Kotian
Day 11 (31 March 2020): This one to celebrate ‘community’! MENDHA TA PITTO by Sudhir Aggrawal
Day 12 (1 April 2020): This one to respect our natural resources! A DAM OLD STORY by Tarini Manchanda
Day 13 (2 April 2020): LET'S TWIST AGAIN by Sonata Gay Dkhar
Day 14 (3 April 2020): LET THERE BE LIGHT by Supriyo Sen
Day 15 (4 April 2020): This one for the weekend lockdown dance! DANCING SHOES by Rishebh Batnagar and Jogavindra Khera
Day 16 (5 April 2020): The weekend dancing continues in style! SHOVANA by Aparna Sanyal
Day 17 (6 April 2020): This one on sexuality and disability! Accsex by Shweta Ghosh
Day 18 (7 April 2020): A World Health Day special! TIMBAKTU by Rintu Thomas and Susmit Ghosh
Day 19 (8 April 2020): This one to watch with children! HEDA HODA by Vinod Ganatra
Day 20 (9 April 2020): This one to appreciate what ‘home’ means! IN SEARCH OF MY HOME by Sushmit Ghosh and Rintu Thomas
Day 21 (10 April 2020): This one with music on the streets! THE BOHEMIAN MUSICIAN
Day 22 (11 April 2020): This one for the feminine spirit! SONG OF THE OTHER FIREFLY by Abhijeet Bhatt, Abhishek Dutta, Meghna Talwar, Nagma Sahi Ansari, Umang Sabarwal
Day 23 (12 April 2020): Short, charming, happy and heartwarming films by Nitin Das
Day 24 (13 April 2020): On the occasion of Baisakhi! “For the farmers whose harvest is in lockdown....For the daily wagers whose livelihoods are in lockdown...For those who have food on the plate and those who do not...Wishes for resilience, survival, security and abundance!” JARDHAR DIARY by Krishnendu Bose

Day 25 (14 April 2020): On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti! KAKKOOS by Divya

Day 26 (15 April 2020): A light-hearted chronicle of the marriage predicament. MUCH ADO ABOUT KNOTTING by Geetika Narang and Anandana Kapur.

Day 27 (16 April 2020): An insight into India's democracy! TURUP by Ektara Collective

Day 28 (17 April 2020): A glimpse into folk theatre! PATHER CHUJAERI by Pankaj Rishi Kumar


Day 30 (19 April 2020): An online international premiere! “STALKING CHERNOBYL: exploration after apocalypse”.

Day 31 (20 April 2020): Take a peek into the fascinating cultural universe of Delhi, a film we first screened in Feb 2012! DIL KI BASTI MEIN by Anwar Jamal

Day 32 (21 April 2020): A happy weekend watch in corona times! ZOHRA SEHGAL ON ZOHRA SEHGAL by Anant Raina

Day 33 (22 April 2020): On Earth day, reflecting on what the earth means to each one of us! EARTH WITNESS by Akanksha Joshi

Day 34 (23 April 2020): Poetry in lockdown times with this one today! SHE WRITE by Anjali Monteiro, K.P. Jayashankar

Day 35 (24 April 2020): A journey through memory, living and forgetting. DERE TUN DILLI by Shilpi Gulati and Divya Cowasji

Day 36 (25 April 2020): Children discover through this film! JAADUI MACHCHHI by Maheen Mirza, Ektara Collective

Day 37 (26 April 2020): Unpack toxic masculinity through this one! MARDISTAN (Macholand) by Harjant Gill

Day 38 (27 April 2020): A personal exploration of a daughter! SITA'S FAMILY by Saba Dewan, PSBT

Day 39 (28 April 2020): Another personal journey of a filmmaker! THE HOUSE ON GULMOHAR AVENUE by Samina Mishra, PSBT
Day 40 (29 April 2020): A love and loss tale! THE GHETTO GIRL by Ambarien Alqadar

Day 41 (30 April 2020): A motorcycle journey! BULLETS AND BUTTERFLIES by SushmitGhosh Part 1: and Part 2:

The Kriti Film Club has been, for two decades, offering its audiences a selection of films that you may not get to see on mainstream platforms and yet the films are as amazing and even more than what you may be watching! Documentaries that connect us to real lives and issues…before, during and after Covid19… they offer us a chance to gain empathy and capacity to support the more vulnerable, they enable us to make socially sensitive, gender just and sustainable choices. Films for the young and old, made by professional and student film makers both.
The whole idea of the KRITI Film Club is to place #thoughtprovoking cinema in a discussion group that will help to deepen understanding on social and development issues amongst viewers and film-makers. We do this through physical screenings but would love to take this initiative into the virtual world too with the film makers on board, and all through 2020. We hope more volunteers would join this effort and share the films widely and also if any samaratarians could make donations to keep this going…every little effort that contributes to making this a better, safer, healthy and sensitive world.
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