Artists Celebrate Christmas/ 23 December 2018/ 4 to 11 pm/ Mumbai

Our First Performing Arts Event in Mumbai 
Artists Celebrate Christmas
Its going to be a beautiful Christmas Sunday celebration on 23 December 2018, from 5 to 11 pm, with spoken word poetry, storytelling, art therapy workshop, lots of music and great food.
The Me Time Art Cafe, 14th Road, Maya Building, Khar West, Mumbai 400050 Phone: 022 2605 4884 will warm up to love and colour as We Stand by Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe, which is run by young adults who grew up living on the streets of Mumbai and need all the support. We are also with the women's livelihoods and domestic violence survivors support cause of Kriti: a development praxis and communication team and Gestures
Art strokes and more
• Art-based therapy by @AartiKuber and @SwatiSharma
• Live ink and watercolour art by Raya @rabbitbucket
• Writing Reflective Workshop by Shivani Gupta @thegirlbehindthoseglasses
Spoken word Poetry
• Shivani Gupta 
• Zeiya Shay @zeiya.shay
• Kopal, Tape a Tale @kopalkhanna72
• Old Hindi songs and original compositions by @NikhilA. and @NikhilS.
• Pop ‘n’ rock music by @PreetiKuber
• Duet Performance by @Nikita and @ZeiyaShay
• Soundinspaces (Soundcloud) - Original compositions
• Shubham and Akhil, Acoustic Duo
 Joe and his Jazz Band
• Carol singers from Bandra
Dancing and Togetherness
Shopping for Causes
Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe Gestures
All are welcome! Free Entry!