Exit Gate (Kriti Film Club special@IHC) / August 30th 2018 / New Delhi

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Kriti Film Club

Exit Gate
(Hindi with Eng Subtitles/2018/ 46mins)

Produced by: History ke Mystery

Directors: Gaurav Sharma, Sumit Yadav, Sanjeev Negi, Sudhir Kumar Prasad and Bimala Naidu.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers and other experts.

About the film: A documentary on workers' rights in the context of a fire that took place in Bawana, it follows the frequency of such incidents, the poor condition of factory workers, non-compliance of minimum wages and deprivation of basic health facilities for workers.

About the film makers: *History ki Mystery* a YouTube channel founded by a group of five people who are friends and research scholars and have been working on topics covering history, current social and political issues and enviromental issues. Gaurav Sharma, PhD research scholar, DU; Sumit Yadav, PhD research scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia;
Sanjeev Negi, M.A and expert in Portuguese language;
Sudhir Kumar Prasad, M.A and archivist under HRD ministry;
R. Bimala Naidu- M.phil research scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia

About the film club: The Kriti Film Club is an educational initiative of a not-for-profit organisation 'Kriti team'. It screens and shares documentary films on development, environment and socially relevant issues, in an effort to influence mindsets and behaviour towards an equitous, just and peaceful world. It also curates issue based film festivals and organises neighbourhood, school, college or institutional film shows. The Kriti Film Club has been screening 'thought-provoking cinema' regularly and independently since 2000.

Thank you to India Habitat Centre, New Delhi for the collaboration
  • Open for all.
  • Seating on first cum first basis
  • Preferred seats available for senior citizens and disabled or challenged persons including on wheelchair.
  • Nearest metros: Jor Bagh, JLN stadium, Khan market

RSVP on space.kriti@gmail.com