4th August - 2 movies, 1 venue, 0 charges - Everyone is Welcome

Kriti Film Club marks August with two musical documentaries that symbolize freedom, faith and timelessness while celebrating the power of music and the human spirit, in these troubled times.

Song Of The 'Other' Firefly

by Abhijeet Bhatt, Abhishek Dutta, Meghna Talwar, Nagma Sahi Ansari and Umang Sabarwal
31 mins/ English, Hindi and Punjabi/ 2014
A film tracing the travels of ‘Jugni’, a feminine spirit often found in Punjabi folk music and Sufism. Jugni is timeless and does not succumb to one identity or take on a tangible form. The film attempts to capture the transitory nature of Jugni, vis-a-vis , the changing nature of our times.

A Bohemian Musician 

by Rochak Sahu
12mins 30 secs| Hindi, English | 2015
Keshav Lal has worked with legendary composers such as Laxmikant Pyarelal and filmmakers like V. Shantaram. Fate bought him to streets of Pune where he lived with his wife and together they played music to sustain their livelihood. The story is about the power of hope and optimism – some of the biggest assets of human life. It also portrays the strong bond between a husband and wife, which remains unscathed even in the most adverse situations.
The films will be followed by discussion with the film makers.
Date : 4th August, 2016
Time : 7 PM
Venue : Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi 

open for all

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