11th March 2016 - The Other Song by Saba Dewan at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center, New Delhi - Come one. Come a!!.

The Other Song
In 1935 Rasoolan Bai the well known singer from Varanasi recorded for the gramophone a thumri that she would never sing again - My breasts are wounded, don't throw flowers at me. A variation of her more famous song - My heart is wounded, don't throw flowers at me, the 1935 recording, never to be repeated, faded from public memory and eventually got lost.
More than seventy years later the film travels through Varanasi, Lucknow and Muzzafarpur in Bihar to search for the forgotten song. This journey brings the film face to face with the enigmatic figure of the tawaif, courtesan, bai ji and the contested terrain of her art practise and lifestyle. To find the lost other song the film must understand the past and present of the tawaif and  unravel the significant transitions that took place in late 19th and early 20th century around the control, censorship and moral policing of female sexualities and cultural expression.
•    Pusan International Film Festival, 2009
•    Doclisboa, Lisbon, 2009
•    Dubai International Film Festival, 2009
•    Cinema of Resistance, Lucknow Film Festival, 2009 
•     Bird’s Eye View Women’s film festival, London, 2010
•    Doc.fest Munich Film festival, 2010
•    Engendered Film Festival, New York, 2010
•    Nazariya QueerFest, 2010
•    IFA Film Festival, Thrissur, 2010
•    Cinema of Resistance, Patna Film Festival, 2010
•    Madurai Film Festival, 2010
•    IFA Film Festival  with NGMA, Bangalore, 2011
•    Persistence Resistance Film Festival, New Delhi, 2011
•    IAWRT Women’s International Film Festival, New Delhi, 2011
•    Film South Asia Film Festival, Kathmandu, 2011
•    Sonapani Film Festival, 2012

Mecenat prize for best documentary at the Pusan International Film Festival, 2009.

Screening followed by an interaction with the filmmaker Saba Dewan

Pics from the Screening

Film Maker Saba Diwan involves in discussion with the audience

Kriti Volunteer present Kriti Diary To Film Maker Saba Diwan