28th February 2016 - Urban Voice by Aneek Chaudhuri i at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Center, New Delhi - Come one. Come a!!.

28th February, 2016
Gulmohar Hall
India Habitat Centre
7 PM
Come one. Come a!!.


Yesterday I saw a film by a young director ANEEK DA(Age 23).."Jibon Ebong Susmit" a musical masterpiece of a docu feature genre with some experimental camera movement. - Diganta Dey, Director

Went to see a documentary on Susmit Bose today...Jibon Ebong Susmit.Got to know the man a bit better, hero of our times. The film was indeed great and the research presentation was different, It was overwhelming to watch the film. - Sthira Roy, Student and film enthusiast

The film was really a good one, and a never to miss venture. - Kaushik Roy, Actor

Just watched the film, Urban Voice or Jibon Ebong Susmit and got to know many unsung things about the singer. Got to know him from a fresh perspective. Thanks and Congratulations to Aneek Chaudhuri, the director. - Suravi Sarkar, Manager at Bangla Natok

The film is indeed a good one and I loved the coherence in the film. Impressed with it. - Susmit Bose

I hope Aneek to make more musical documentaries about many other artists not gaining the much deserved place in industry. Looking forward to the same. - Narendranath Dutta

A great piece of work. - Pagla Dashu

The documentary was very well directed. Urban folk music is not very popular in india, many people still don't know exactly what it is. Mr. Susmit has sung and composed so many beautiful songs. All his songs i heard in the film were awesome. From this film people can relate what Urban folk music is all about. Mr. Susmit's life is an example for our youngsters that you don't need money or fame to become a singer. Singing is an art. And if you are an artist you can give it any name like Mr. Susmit bose did.- Aditi Deb 

About the movie from - timeout.com

A docu-fiction screening on Urban Follk Musician, Susmit Bose. 
Susmit Bose is a pioneer of Urban Folk Music who has focused on the need to get indulged in musical intercourse for the people who have migrated to cities for a better life. In course of migration, they also had their musical instruments with them and some of them had been laborers, while some of them had been educated persons turning their fate into laborers.
His songs condemn the hiking rates of child labor as well; 'Who is to be blamed' and 'Do you hear the children' are two songs featuring this issue. Apart from this, he had stood strong with his single ' Winter Baby' in 1970s that echoed an awareness against child molestation and abuse. Stated in the documentary, Susmit Bose has strongly spoken about the need to preserve childlike approach among the children. Beside this, his songs feature social issues like arrest of Dr. Binayak Sen, Irom Sharmila etc. In addition to this, the song 'All Rise' is another musical piece that points out the need to stand up and rise in the name of justice. 

Director's Biodata:
Aneek Chaudhuri, the director of Cinema Bid Adieu has his films in competition at prestigious festivals at Cannes, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Warsaw. He is a film theorist and has more than a dozen papers published in reputed international journals; he has also been featured at CSR-Vision for his social views on Cinema. Now, he is one of the youngest experts at the editorial board of an International Journal based in India. He also holds the authorship of four books, out of which two are on Film Studies.


Pics from the Screening

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